Bonus Content For Lead Generation

WordPress, Internet Stuff for Non-Techies (video)

What technology do we use to implement the online tools to get leads and manage a list without losing your mind.  Although the introduction mentions handwriting experts, the entire class will apply to any business.  Includes wordpress themes, buttons, sales pages, html, and even blogs.

How to Build Your First 1000 Subscribers From Scratch (video training)


  • Squeeze Page Genius
  • Which Software to Use
  • Importance of a Headline
  • Benefits Vs. Features
  • How to Get Traffic Today
  • What’s the difference between and opt in and a squeeze page?
  • What software should I use to build an effective squeeze page?
  • What software should I use to maintain my email list of subscribers?
  • What is an ethical bribe?

How A Short Ugly Book Can Get You Business (video)

  • The easiest format to quickly publish a book that will get you business.
  • What are people really looking for in a book?
  • The best way to end your short book.

Find Your Hungry Market & Build Your Customer Avatar (video)

  • Use the search engines own research to help find a hungry niche market.
  • Who is your ideal customer avatar?

How to Build a Worldwide Audience and Fanbase (video)

  • What is a platform and how do you build yours?
  • How to get the “Big Boys” to pay attention to you.

How To Turn Any Live Lecture Into Years Worth of Content (video)

  • How live lectures can be capitalized on and re-purposed.
  • Tips on how to video tape your speech/lecture properly.
  • The shots you’ll absolutely want to have for your lecture video.
  • Turn 1 lecture into thousands of dollars worth of products/content.

How to Turn a $15 Book into a Million Dollar Business (video)


  • Internet marketing for information entrepreneurs.
  • What is a customer acquisition funnel and how can you use it?
  • The science of customer acquisition.

Top 7 Email Subject Lines That Get Opened! (video)

  • Subjects lines that will increase your email open rates and click through rates.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write A Book (and Triple Their Revenue) (video)

  • How to take your business to the next level.
  • Is writing a book a good strategy for your business?

Facebook Marketing for Authors (video training)


  • Winning Ads vs. Losing Ads
  • The Sucker Ad Facebook Wants You to Buy
  • How to Find Your Core Audience
  • Importance of the Upsell in your Sales Process
  • How Non-Fiction Authors Can Make 10x Their Investment
  • Where to Send Traffic and Why
  • 3 Ninja Tricks No-one else is Teaching
  • How to Launch a Kindle Book Using the 2 Day Free Day
  • How to buy Facebook Ads to Build a List and Download Your Book
  • How to Motivate Customers to Lave Positive Reviews

Video Sales Letter (VSL) Lead Generation Class (video)

  • How mentors and handwriting experts can get new clients/customers.
  • What to show your potential client after they opt in.
  • Download the VSL PowerPoint template.

Generating Free Leads & Keeping Your Email List Engaged (video)

  • What can you provide to your list each week that gets them excited about opening your emails?

How Often Should You Email Your List? (video)

  • How many times can you email your list?
  • How did one author build a big list with free good content?
  • How soon can you make an offer to your list?
  • Provide quality content to your readers.
  • Are 4 emails a week too much?

What Do Your Website Visitors Really Care About? (video)

  • Where are they clicking?
  • What percentage of visitors read the entire page?
  • Which button is clicked more than others?
  • This little known software will open your eyes to what is working and not working on any webpage.

The Facebook Marketing Funnel and Tools for Advertising Without Losing Your Shirt (video)

  • Opt-in page
  • Trip wire product
  • Re-targeting pixels (how to use Facebook article to “re-target” a specific audience)

How to Write a Bestselling Book in 9.5 Hours (video)


How to Get Unlimited Traffic for Your Business (audio)

  • Interview with Traffic and Conversion Internet Marketing Legend, Jonathon Mizel, founder of Traffic Evolution.

Email Marketing Strategy Class Replay (audio)

What to do when you have built your first 1000 leads and when and what to email them using the automated bulk mail systems you already have ready to utilize to build a warm and fuzzy relationship.

  • Pareto’s Law of Distribution 
(80/20 law
  • Why you can’t SPAM your list to get book reviews
  • When is the best time to email your target audience.
  • What time do people buy “Save Your Marriage Products”?
  • Why don’t wives hire more live in help from Europe?

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