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Overview and introduction  Read welcome page now

 Module 1: The Perpetual Lead Machine Blueprint Part 1

Overview of the Perpetual Lead Machine marketing/sales model. (Plus, download the Perpetual Lead Machine Workbook PDF) Watch Module 1 Now

 Module 2: The Perpetual Lead Machine Blueprint Part 2

Nuts and Bolts of the Self-Funded Perpetual Micro-book strategy to build a huge list on auto-pilot. Watch Module 2 Now.

 Module 3: The Art of Choosing the Right Micro Book to Give Away

Module 3.0.  Choosing your micro-book title and researching keywords that your ideal customer is already clicking on.  Using Google’s Keyword Tool as a research tool. Watch Module 3 Now

Module 3.1:  Short book case study “Getting Business Credit” Video How A Short Ugly Book Can Get You Business

Module 4: How to Build Your First 1000 Subscribers From Scratch (video training) Information about recommended software here.

Watch Training Now

 Module 5: How to Write A Micro-Book in 9.5 Hours or Less

Watch Video Training Now or Download the Book

 Module 6: How to Turn a Live Lecture Into a Book or Email Newsletters

How To Turn Any Live Lecture Into Years Worth of Content (video)

 Module 7: The Secret of Self-Funded Advertising (The Thank You Page, VSL, & Upsells)

How to build a Thank You page that converts new prospects into paying customers on the first visit.

 Module 8: Email Subject Lines That Get Opened! (Video & Swipe File)

Top 7 Email Subject Lines That Get Opened!

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