Bonus: Mastermind Replays for Internet Marketing

Marketing Mastermind Calls for Internet Marketing for speakers, authors, and small businesses.   You can fast forward or rewind any of these classes.  Table of contents are printed below each video (when available.)



– Internet Marketing Tips for Selling Online

Title: Internet Marketing Mastermind–Selling Handwriting Analysis & Other Skills

Description: Bart Baggett’s monthly mastermind on the subject of internet marketing. This class covered the idea of a opt-in page, a trip wire, re-targeting pixels and how to use Facebook article to “re-target” a specific audience to warm them up to build a list of prospects and buyers within facebook.

The last 30 minutes was a discussion on book covers for handwriting analysis authors.  This will be relevant for any LEAD GENERATION campaign for anyone selling information or expertise.  All examples are from the niche of handwriting experts and teachers.

Title: Internet Marketing Mastermind   90 minutes 

Date & Time of Class: Thursday, February 26, 2015

Click on the video link here to view and listen to the replay.

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