Bonus: Marketing Mastermind Replays for Speakers

This is the replays specifically for any business owner that does public lectures for a free or for free and sells products, consulting, or a service to the audience members.  This is especially useful for content matter experts such as doctors, lawyers, and authors who utilize public speaking as a way to get paid or reach more people in front of a live audience.


Directory of Meeting Planners Websites and Associations

grey-line-breakSpeaking & Platform Lecture

Title:  How to Build a Speaker’s Kit

If you have the ability to speak, you should be getting paid $2500 – $$25,000 a lecture.  This short six minute video shows you the key elements of a speaker’s kit and understand the psychology of why meeting planners will choose you.

• Winning speaker’s kits that get bookings.

• Who books speakers and why

• What one thing every speaker kit or speaker website must have.

• Elements of a speaker’s kit that gets booking for both college and corporate market.

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grey-line-breakTitle: Speakers & Coaches Mastermind

This class covered how to find local stages to speak, how to handle a guest stage spot, how to honor the host, and lots more on getting on stages and why speaking is a critical part of your client attraction strategy.  This session reviews lessons from Jonathan Sprinkles speaker bootcamp.

1 Hour and 3 Minutes.

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Another Hour Webinar With More Insight into your speaker’s kits and design ideas.

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Guest Expert Glen Hermanes

List of people who will hire you to speak. Websites and resources.



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