If you are a business owner, marketing director, or salesperson who has dreamed of a automated lead generation system that actually creates highly interested, highly qualified prospects being delivered to you on a silver platter... this is that system.

We live in a time of constantly evolving business technologies with internet marketing "gurus" throwing shiny new pennies in front of business owners & marketing directors every day. Be skeptical. Be prudent.

Despite the changing landscape of all advertising mediums or the flavor of the day social media site, one thing remains the same; Businesses needs leads and new customers to sustain growth.

Most businesses that relied soley on print advertising and word of mouth for new leads are working way too hard and missing out on all the automation that is possible today. Where is your business on the scale of advertising evolution? Are you still relying on networking, business cards, and referrals to give you a steady supply of hot pre-qualified prospects to invest into your products and services? We have a better way.

If your revenue could benefit from having 100 pre-qualified leads call or land in your INBOX each day on auto-pilot… then you need to understand Bart Baggett's Perpetual Lead Machine.

This new online marketing system combines traditional direct response sales psychology with laser targeted customer profiling so you literally ATTRACT the most qualified prospects in a completely low-cost automated fashion. What's more, part two of the system shows you how to automate the delivery systems to help that new prospect become edified and educated about your benefits and credibility long before they are ever talk to a human being. Many will be calling an begging for a few minutes of your time. Many will make a purchase online and others will be be 10x more receptive to telephone calls or in person meetings.

If you've been wondering how to build a platform, build a email list of rabid fans and prospective clients, or simply have a push-button way to turn followers into dollars… this training program is for you.

If you heard Bart Baggett's key note lecture (or webinar presentation inside the video series below), you already know the key aspects of this program. It is much more than a well defined target customer. It is more than a high coverting 55% optin page downloadable template to grab your compelling and unique offer. It is more than using our Self-Funded Advertising Blueprint to run ads for practically free. It is an entire system that combines all these various proven concepts into one cohesive, self-sustaining program that attracts new customers like bees to honey.

If you did not see Bart speak live about this program... and you are wondering how this program could transform your business, take a few minutes and watch an indepth webinar style traning which explains how to build your own Perpetual Lead Machine:

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