Bonus: How Often Should You Email Your List? (video)

The biggest challenge all authors, speakers, and coaches face is building and maintaining a list of interested qualified fans. In fact, launching a book to #1 is almost impossible without at least a small list of engaged and interested fans and followers. Even if you have 10,000 social media followers on Twitter and Facebook… this… Read More »

Bonus: WordPress, Internet Stuff for Non-Techies (video)

Marketing Mastermind Charter Class for trainers, coaches, speakers, and anyone using speeches to market or enroll clients. This class is all about live tele-classes and automated webinars. The last 20 minutes are the “gold”, so make sure you watch the ending 20 minutes.  

Bonus: Email Marketing Strategy Class Replay (audio)

Pareto’s Law of Distribution 
(80/20 law
). Why you can’t SPAM your list to get book reviews
. When is the best time to email your target audience. What time do people buy “Save Your Marriage Products”? Why don’t wives hire more live in help from Europe? Click Here to Listen:  

Bonus: How to Get Unlimited Traffic for Your Business (audio)

Click Here to Listen (Right click and SAVE AS… to download to your computer.) Interview with Traffic and Conversion Internet Marketing Legend, Jonathon Mizel, founder of Traffic Evolution. Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes Interested in learning more about buying traffic, visit this link for Jonathon’s program.